Oral Category
Theme 1: Biosphere Reserves, Climate Change, Resilience and Sustainability 
Best Paper: Taurine Supplementation in Aquaculture Feed: A Promising Approach Towards Sustainable Aquaculture 
Maria Mojena Gonzales- Plasus
First Runner up: Biomass and Carbon Stocks within Molawin-Dampalit Subwatershed of the Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve
Rodolfo O. Abalus Jr.
Second Runner up: Engaging the Youth in Climate Change Adaptation
Ma. Catriona E. Devanadera
Theme 2: Ecological and Biophysical Systems
Best Paper: Marine Sediment- Derived Actinobacteria from Tubbataha Reefs National Park:Potential Source of New Antibiotics 
Doralyn S. Dalisay
First Runner up: Isolation, Characterization and Identification of Culturable Thermophilic Bacteria from brackish Water Hot Spring
Jhonamie Mabuhay-Omar
Second Runner up:  What Do Stable Isotopes Tell of Philippine Cycads?
Esperanza Maribel Agoo
Theme 3: Human and Social Systems
Best Paper: Developing A Sustainable Community-Based Farm Operation and Enterprise for Seaweed Growers of Palawan, Philippines
Floredel Dangan-Galon
First Runner up: How was 4T Pesos/Month-CHED Unifast's Tertiary Education Subsidy Utilized by the Students of Western Philippines University, Puerto Princesa City 
Michael C. Maga-ao
Second Runner up: Total Gaseous Mercury Concentration in the Atmosphere in the Vicinity of Abandoned Mercury Mine Area in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines
Jessie O. Samaniego
Theme 4: Economic Systems, Innovations and Technology
Best Paper: Monitoring the Potential Effects of Ecotourism on Whale Sharks Rhincodon typus in Honda Bay, Palawan
Ariana Agustines
First Runner up: Indoor Tank Production of Fish Using Biofloc Technology: A Potential Approach in Reducting Environmental Impacts of Aquaculture
Christopher Marlowe A. Caipang
Second Runner up: Development of a Low-cost General Anesthetic with pH-buffering properties for handling and transport of juvenile fish in aquaculture
Arlene L. Avillanosa
Special Awards
Phytochemical Analysis and Antibacterial Investigation of Napier Grass ( Pennisetum purpureum Schumach )  Leaves Against Escherich coli
Princess Hanna G. De Jesus
Puerto Princesa National Science High School
Determination of The Presence of Fecal Coliform in Slipper-Cupped Oysters ( Crassostrea Iredalei) and the Aquaculture water of Calmay River in Pangasinan
Darryl B. Dungala, Sheanne Kyra Cabantac and Angelina E. Lambino 
Philippine Science High School - CAR Campus
Poster Category
Theme 1: Biosphere Reserves, Climate Change Resilience and Sustainability
Best Poster: Pangatalan Island: an Example of  a Sustainable Island as a Part of a Biosphere  Reserve
Cinzia Alessi
First Runner up: Management Effectiveness and Sustainability of ECAN Zones in Palawan Province
Ciara Patricia Dicar
Second Runner up: High Density of Tridacna crocea in Rita Island, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
Jemima C. Dano
Theme 2: Ecological and Biophysical Systems
Best Poster: Philippine Mangrove Sediments are an Excellent Source of Natural Insecticides 
Edwin Alcantara
First Runner up: Invasive Anoplolepis gracilipes Threatens Ant Community in Mt. Arayat, Pampanga
Jairus Gabriel B. Pajares
Second Runner up: Baseline Almaciga (Agathus philippinensis) Monitoring Preliminary Results of the Species Reforestation in Cleopatra's Needle Critical Habitat
Aubrey Jayne Padilla 
Theme 3: Human and Social Systems
Best Poster: Testing Citizen Science for Determining the Presence and Occurrence of Selected Elasmobranch in the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, Cagayancillo, Philippines
Gerlie Gedoria
First Runner up: Forecasting Water Demand in an Active Tourist Destination: The Case of Puerto Princesa City
Mark Ace Dela Cruz
Second Runner up: RTNMC Initiatives on the Conservation of Palawan Native Metallophytes
Janice M. Tupaz
Theme 4: Economic Systems, Innovations and Technology
Best Poster: Harnessing the Efficacy of Cashew "Anacardium occidentale L" Extracts in the Treatment of Ulcerative Wound (Gangrene)
Menillo Encila Rabina
First Runner up: Quantification of Anthropogenic Disturance in Mineral Mining Activities Using Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS), and Analytical 
Hierarchy Process (AHP) 
Mitchell Castillon
Second Runner up: Resource Efficiency of the Philippine Economy: A Material Flow Accounting Perspective
Marianne Faith Martinico-Perez