Abstracts of Oral/ Paper Presentations


Session 1: Biodiversity and Ecological Studies

1. Nickel Hyperaccumulating Plants Native in Palawan

   Quimado, Marilyn O, Celadina, Dhiocel, Luna, Amelita C., Breganza, Edwin O and Fernando, Edwino S.

2.Conversion of Forest to Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) Plantation in Aborlan, Palawan: Unveiling its Impact to Forest Avifaunal Diversity

   Alejandro A. Bernardo

3.Effects of Resin Tapping on Growth, Reproduction and Physical Status of Agathis philippinensis

   Kellie Gerarda Bocxe

4.Grouper LRF in Taytay Bay, Palawan, Philippines: with Emphasis on Size Structure

   Benjamin J. Gonzales, Eduardo Bolen, and Maria Victoria Matillano

 5.Are the Coastal Marine Waters of North Mainland Palawan's Major Tourism Sites Fit for Recreation Purposes?

   Jenevieve P. Hara, Madrono P. Cabrestante 

6. Is Palawan's Inner Malampaya Sound Overfished?

   Hermenegildo P. Dela Peña, Michael D. Pido and Jeter S. Sespeñe

7.Distribution and Abundance of Indo-Pacific Crocodile ( Crocodylus porosus ) in Southern Palawan Philippines

   Rainier I. Manalo, Levita A. Lagrada, Erickson A. Tabayag, Philip C. Baltazar and Osias D. Molina

8.Three New Species of Begonia Endemic to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, Palawan

   Rosario Rivera Rubite, Mark Hughes, Patrick Blanc, Yoshiko Kono, Hsun-An Yang, Grecebio J.D. Alejandro, Llogene B. De Layola, Artur Gregory N. Virata,        Kuo-Fang Chung, Ching-I Peng

Session 2: Socio-Cultural-Economic and Political Studies

1. Socio-Economic Assessment of Tagbunsaing Lake Stakeholders in Barangay Berong, Quezon, Palawan, Philippines

    Castro, L.S.G., Benliro, I.M.P., Avillanosa, A.L., and Gonzales, B.J.

2. Developing Protocols on Propagation and Nursery Management of Almaciga ( Agathis philippinensis Warb.): A means of preserving the future of the Batak tribe     in the forest of Cleopatra's Needle, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, the Philippines

3. Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS)

    Daniel Tejada

 4. Health Status of the Small Scale Mining Impact Area: The Case of Barangay Bato-bato, Narra Palawan

    April Grace Ortega - Liao

 5. Honing the Lives of the Elderly Towards Successful Aging Based on their Live Experiences as Recepients of Social Services: For Human and Social Capital          Development 

     Elna Jay T. Elma, Ph. D.

6. The Cause of Extinction of Tagbanwa Writing in Bgy. Cabigaan, Aborlan, Palawan

    James Aljed M. Gonzales, Jasmine A. Tito

7. An Ethnozoological Study of the Medicinal Animals Used by the Tagbanua Tribe in Sitio Tabyay, Cabigaan, Aborlan, Palawan

    Estrada, Zyvelle Joy; Panolino, Jandi; De Mesa, Tarah Katrina; Abordo, Francis Carl; Labao, Remark


8. Profitability of Lobster Trading in Araceli, Palawan, Philippines

    Darna M. Baguinbin, Roger G. Dolorosa, Rodulf Anthony T. Balisco and Allaine T. Baaco


Session 3: Environment /Natural Resources Management, Technology, Innovation and Climate Change Studies

1. Ecological Profile of Tagbunsaing Lake, Quezon, Palawan

    Avillanosa, A.L., Benliro, I.M.P., Castro, L.S.G., and Gonzales, B.J.

2.Status of Fisheries Resources of Honda Bay (2003-2013)

   Myrna B. Candelario, Jeanette A. Jardin and Lenie M. Gonzales

3.Site Characterization of Taytay, Palawan, Philippines Rainfall Triggered Shallow Landslide

   Cesario A. Bacosa, Jr, Ph.D

4. Material Flow and Stock Analysis to Support Sustainable Development Assessment in Palawan Philippines

   Marianne Faith G. Martinico-Perez, Keijiro Okuoka, Hiroki Tanikawa 

5. Cut Slope Stability Analysis and Mitigation of Northern Palawan National Road

   Cesario A. Bacosa, Jr, Ph.D, Antonio S. Reyno, Ph.D, and Garry B. Guardacasa

6. Relevance and Responsiveness of Curricular Programs to Sustainable Development: Bases for a Model Curriculum

   Anabell C. Aban - Gacayan

7. Farm Waste Utilization of Rice Farmers in the Municipalities of Narra and Taytay, Palawan, Philippines

   Jonson M. Javier

8. Modified Biosand Filter for the Indigenous Peoples of Palawan, Philippines: A Household Water Treatment

   Mildred Palatino-Palon, Cesario A. Bacosa,Jr., Mark Jason H. Germina, and Jerick Edgar C. Villa