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Palawan Endemic Fauna

Palawan Fauna


The Mammals of Palawan Island,Philippines


Jacob Esselstyn, Peter Widmann, and Lawrence Heaney

Abstract:The Ichthyofauna of Lake Manguao, Taytay,Palawan, Philippines

The Ichthyofauna of
Lake Manguao,
Taytay,Palawan, Philippines

Joie Matillano

Conserving Endemic and Globally Threatened Fishes in Lake Manguao, Palawan, Philippines

Lake Manguao Palawan
Endemic threatened Palawan Fishes

Joie Matillano
Lorivel Atrero

The 2014 BFAR Project Report for Palawan sampling:
Collaboration on the Inventory and
DNA Barcoding of Commercial Fishes of the Philippines for Food Safety and Biodiversity

Inventory and DNA Barcoding
of Palawan Commercial Fishes
Dr. Jeff T. Williams, NMNH/SI ,Dr. Kent Carpenter, NMNH/SI Collaborator
and Dr. Mudjekeewis Santos, BFAR-NFRDI

Some Data on the Distribution, Conservation Status and Protection of Freshwater Turtles in the Palawan Island Group, Philippines

Freshwater Turtles in Palawan Pierre Fidenci and Reymar Castillo

Field Guide to Coastal Fishes Palawan

Coastal Fishes of Palawan Benjamin J. Gonzales, Ph.D.
A Guide to Species Selection and Principles of Marine Stock Enhancement in the Philippines Marine Species Selection and Stock Enhancement Benjamin J. Gonzales, Ph.D. 
An Artificially made Seagrass Bed: Its Role in a Shallow Subtidal Zone and Probable Consequences Seagrass Bed in shallow Subtidal Zone Benjamin Gonzales, Roger Dolorosa,Roger Blanco,Osamu Okamura and Tomuyuki Maeda
Field Guide to Coastal Fishes of Palawan  Palawan Coastal Fishes  Benjamin J. Gonzales, Ph.D.
Length-Weight relationship of Five Serranids from Palawan Island, Philippines Palawan Serranids Benjamin J. Gonzales, H.P. Palla and H. Mishina
Irrawaddy Dolphin Conservation in the Fisheries of Malampaya Inner Sound, Palawan, Philippines Irrawaddy Dolphins, Malampaya Palawan Benjamin J. Gonzales and Maria Victoria Matillano
Palawan Food Fishes Palawan Food Fishes Benjamin J. Gonzales
The Potential of Artificial Reefs as Fisheries Management Tools in Developing Countries Artificial Reefs Naohiko Watanuki and Benjamin J. Gonzales

Status and Conservation of the Reef Gastropod Trochus niloticus in the Philippines

Gastropod Trochus niloticus Roger Gasper Dolorosa

Spiny lobster-fishery in Palawan, Philippines: with considerations on its conservation and management

Spiny lobster Benjamin J. Gonzales and Nobohiku Taniguchi

Fauna Survey Report for El Nido Municipality (Final Report)

El Nido Fauna ECAN ZONING COMPONENT Sustainable Environmental Management Project in Northern Palawan

Fauna Survey Report for Culion Municipality (Final Report)

Culion Fauna ECAN ZONING COMPONENT Sustainable Environmental Management Project in Northern Palawan

Palawan Pangolin Manis Culionensis already listed in the Journal of Threatened Taxa

Palawan Pangolin


Paris N. Marler
Centre for Sustainability,