The Palawan Knowledge Platform for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development (PKPBSD) is an online Platform designed as a device for sharing of biodiversity information and data regarding Palawan.

The PKP was established to facilitate,coordinate, maintain and ehance the multi-agency sharing of biological and socio-economic data and information that will support the realization of the goals of the Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan (RA 7611),the relevant national and local laws and policies, and the Philippines 'international commitments' on data sharing. It aims to complement the management of the Environmentally Critical Areas Network in Palawan, leading towards sustained terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, biological communities and species, indigenous people, and the improvement of human well-being in Palawan.

It is based on the concept of collaboration. The Platform involves the participation of partners from the Provincial Government, City Government of Puerto Princesa, National Government Agencies,Non Government Organizations and Academe.

The information and data that is gathered or shared in the platform are researches or studies that were completed and done in the past,articles or any relevant information on Palawan's biodiversity. Somne information were just hyperlinked as it may already have been published on the web or appeared already as have been printed as hardcopy.

The Platform was conceived last year, 2014.Initiated by the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Executive Director Nelson P. Devanadera due to the observed need of sharing to the public all the biodiversity researches and studies done in the province of Palawan. By sharing the data and information, the Palaweños will benefit from the wealth of knowledge and information that could be derived from it. Gone are the days of exclusivity and non sharing of information in this time of technological advancement, instead of the data confined and istting on the personal computers of agencies and offices, he believes that such information should be open and be shared online through the Palawan Knowledge Platform for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development Website. The public especially the local policy makers, researches and students will greatly benefit from it.

To date the platform involves the following entities as partners:

   the Provincial Government of Palawan;

   the City Government of Puerto Princesa;

   the Department of Environment and Natural Resources;

   the Department of Agriculture;

   the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources;

   the Department of Science and Technology;

   Katala Foundation Incorporated;

   Palawan NGO Network Incorporated;

   Centre for Sustainability;

   World Wildlife Fund Philippines;

   Holy Trinity University;

   Palawan State University;

   Western Philippines University; 

   the Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation ;

  Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (PPSRNP) and five more members which were added last September 15, 2016,     during the 3rd Palawan Research Symposium. The newly added members are:

   the Palawan Polytechnic College;

   the National Commission on Indigenous People- Palawan;

   Department of Education - Puerto Princesa City Division;

   the Puerto Princesa City Water District and

   the Philippine Statistics Authority.


The Palawan Knowledge for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development was officially launched last December 11, 2014 at the Palawan Sustainable Development Training Institute at Irawan (PSDTI), Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The signed Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC).